What is your current fuel system application?  We have extensive experience in coordinating and collaborating on the design of many different types of fuel systems.  Please give us a call on your next fuel project.

Life Safety Generators

Most commercial office buildings have a life safety generator to power elevators, fire alarms, and egress lighting.  Even these simple applications have their challenges, especially when the generator is inside the building. Fuel fill port design, trim, and location have Code defined design criteria that must be met.  Whether it’s free-standing or provided as a part of the generator, there is piping that must be designed and shown clearly on the floor plans.

Power Generation Plants

Large diesel fuel systems with high capacity storage serving one or more generators are common in critical facilities.  We can help calculate diesel fuel storage quantities based on run-time requirements, layout the tank and generator areas and provide a comprehensive system with one quick phone call.

Dual Fuel Boilers

When fuel oil is used as the backup fuel for your boiler plant, we have you covered.  Whether it’s a stand-alone boiler plant or your diesel fired boilers are part of a larger fuel system that includes power generators, we have the experience, equipment, and control systems for total system integration.

Diesel Driven Fire Pumps

NFPA 20 has very specific requirements for diesel driven fire pump systems.  While fire pump manufacturers catalog fuel tanks, they do not have the fuel system knowledge to provide a Code compliant system.  In addition, fire protection contractors do not have the training nor the experience to perform this work.  Fire pump fuel systems should be provided by those who are knowledgeable in fuel system design and Code compliance. One quick call and you will have a complete design package outlining all design and Code related criteria related to a typical diesel driven pump application.