We are proud to say that we have never even considered using rubber hoses on our fuel systems.  While others use hoses on their fuel equipment, we strive to provide quality Code compliant systems with safety, reliability, and longevity in mind.

User Friendly

When the emergency power is called into service, the facility staff is operating under duress. Understanding this, we have incorporated user-friendly features that both help assess and protect the system under these trying conditions.


Over the years we feel very fortunate to have worked with some very experienced and talented Engineers, Owners and Contractors.  We’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn from their life experiences which have served us well.  We are always interested in listening and learning new things so that we do not become complacent, but continue to grow.  We are here to share this knowledge and experience with you.

Fuel Fill Port Systems – FP Series

Fill Station, Fuelport, Fill/Spill container, Remote Fuel Fill; no matter the phrase, it’s more than just a box.  Our fill port systems have the piping and controls required by most building and fire codes. If your AHJ has Code Amendments beyond the norm, just let us know and we can adapt our system to your specific Project needs. For main storage tank fueling and “direct truck filing” of generator belly tanks consider our Fill Port Series.

Bulk Off-Loading Systems

Typically used for offloading tanker trucks into above ground storage tanks, these systems are commonly considered when fuel storage is 10,000 gallons or more.  Bulk transfer systems offload fuel tankers at high flow rates and include Code required spill containment, piping, and controls for safe and reliable fuel transfer.

Duplex Pump Set – DPS Series

Fuel transfer systems that include operational features not typically found in the industry so that the end user can quickly assess system conditions without a lot of training.  We do this knowing that an electrical facility engineer in charge of the generators will likely be responsible for the fuel system and will have limited hydraulic knowledge.

Enclosed Duplex Pump Set – EDPS Series

All the features of the DPS Series pump set, housed in a stainless steel cabinet for exterior use.

Automatic Filtration Systems – FS Series

Maintaining fuel quality is crucial to the emergency equipment operation.  Fuel filtration is a big step in the right direction.  Poor fuel quality is a common cause of generator failures.  “Lessons Learned” seminars conducted after major storm events across the country will consistently bring up fuel and fuel quality as an area that needs more attention.

Emergency equipment is a large capital investment, learn more about how to protect it while also improving operational readiness, click here. 

Day Tank Fill Systems – ATF Series

Day tank fill/return systems are typically used when a transfer pump set is distributing fuel to automatically maintain the fuel level in one or more generator day tanks.  The day tank fill systems are much more than just a fill valve.  Our complete and comprehensive equipment/control packages will comply with Code requirements and the operational needs of critical fuel systems to ensure safe reliable operation.

Day Tank Packages

Free-standing day tanks are sometimes the best solution for a given project.   These complete tank, piping, and control packages are also available and include all components and trim found in our day tank fill systems factory packaged and tested.

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